Frequently Asked Questions



Is Telescope affiliated with Officevibe ?

A little bit. We work in the same company, but we're just Officevibe super users and we're looking to bring a new and fresh take on Officevibe’s feedback.

How much does Telescope cost?

Just like looking at the stars, Telescope is 100% free (for now)!

How accurate are the Sentiment and Emotion Analysis data?

Yes. We use AlchemyAPI, a technology that’s been around and improved since 2008. AlchemyAPI is part of the industry-leading Watson Developer Cloud. You can learn more about this technology here.

How about security and anonymity?

We go by the same security standards as Officevibe. All your data transits safely using TLS (Transport Layer Security), a proven cryptographic protocol.

Is Telescope mobile-friendly?

We're working on it :)

How do I set up Telescope ?

It's simple process that only takes a few minutes! All you need to do is Sign Up. For this, you'll need your Officevibe API key, which you can get from Officevibe's Support Team.

Want to learn more about Telescope?

Want to learn more about how Telescope works? Click here. Feel free to Contact Us. We'd love to hear what you think!