The Story Behind Telescope


Earlier this year, GSOFT, the company we work for, offered us a shot at doing something simply not enough employers let their teams do freely: innovate. With the only guideline we were given being ‘’to make a better workplace”, we were given a unique opportunity to leave our daily work behind, completely disconnect, and create something new.

So, we put everything on hold back in Montreal for 2 weeks, and flew to Prague to step up to the challenge.

Wait. You did what? Yep. We rented an apartment in one of the most awesome places we could think of, packed our bags, flew some 6200 km, and started working on Telescope.

But, why Telescope? Because we believe employee feedback is the backbone of a company’s culture. We’re convinced that to create a better workplace, the first step is for employees’ opinions to be heard and understood.

Telescope is our way of taking this concept to a whole new level!